Saturday, December 8, 2018

400. Survey of his blog

Including this piece, there are now 400 items on this blog. Here I give a survey according to the number of times a piece has been viewed.

The following 23 items were viewed more than 100 times:

Number           Title                                                                                       Number of views

63                    Nietzsche and Levinas                                                           640
19                    Beyond nihilism: imperfection on the move                         526
3                      Trust: what is it?                                                                    519
128                  Eastern and Western philosophy                                           496
72                    Uncertainty and openness                                                     371
7                      Geometry and finesse                                                            339
73                    Psychology of trust                                                               328
77                    Beyond Enlightenment and Romanticism                             314
88                    Wabi Sabi                                                                              312
70                    Forms of identification                                                          305
61                    Levinas: philosophy of the other                                           282
179                  Moral robots?                                                                        275
71                    Judgement of good and bad                                                  271
76                    How much community?                                                        261
75                    Horizontal control                                                                 231
89                    Aesthetic judgement                                                             208
62                    Levinas: Justice?                                                                   151
69                    Sources of trust                                                                     144
312                  Reason contributes to freedom of the will                            128
333                  The curse of identity                                                             118
74                    Roles of a go-between                                                          114
143                  Forms of nihilism                                                                  110
80                    Art                                                                                         105

59 items were viewed between 50 and 100 times
281 items were viewed between 20 and 50 times
33 items were viewed less than 20 times.

I remind the reader  that on my website
on the page for the philosophy blog items are bundled according to theme. The themes are the following:

basic income, a way out for socialism, identity, culture, evolution,
multiple causality, God and religion, robots, power, knowledge/truth/and invention,
ethics and morality, the human condition, self and other, trust, meaning,
Eastern and Western philosophy, puzzles in philosophy, democracy/autocracy/and fascism, voice and exit, system tragedy, power, art and literature, fallen foundations, language games and crossing cultures, politics of virtue, ontology, economics (old and new, nihilism.

Nietzsche, nihilism and beyond
Time, duration, and discontinuity: Bergson, Derrida, and Bachelard
six more pieces on Foucault
Wittgenstein, Zizek and Hegel

I also remind readers that on the blog you can post comments. I encourage you to do so. I will respond to any comment or question.

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